Sălicea-Feleacu segment

Distance: 10 km.

In Sălicea the starting point on the CC100KK route is in the centre of the village.

We start from the intersection of Main Street and Independence Street. The park of the Ciurila Town Hall is located on Main Street. We pass through it, then climb up a (yet) unnamed side street to the top of Magura. Follow the markings and turn right to reach the summit. (You can also go straight over a fence at the top). From the top of the Măgura, at an altitude of 827 m, we admire the landscape: The Turda gorges, the Trascaului hills, Bedeleul, Muntele Mare, Vlădeasa, then Dealul Melcilor, Cetatea Fetei, Hoia, Dâmbul Morilor, Lomb, St. George Hill. In the distance, if the air is clear, you can see the peaks of the Țibleș and Rodnei Mountains. In the north-east direction you can see the Peana plateau, the highest point in the area.

This Peana peak will be our next objective.

We descend to the saddle where several roads meet and continue through the forest until we intersect road 91 (leading to Moara de Vânt, Lake Micești). With the Peana plateau as a landmark, we continue on sandy roads. Once you reach the fence of an abandoned farm, turn left to climb the Peana peak. (Going ahead we can reach the Peana plateau from where we should return to visit the peak).

Being in the forest, from the Peana peak we won’t see much of the landscape, but we will recognise the path from the Măgura to here. We are at an altitude of 833 m.

We descend in an easterly direction towards Casele Micești. The first house has a large antenna in the courtyard and is known as Radio House. In the clearing in front of it we enter the forest. (On the road that continues through the village, we can reach Adrenalin Park, a place worth visiting, as well as the Windmill complex).

On the path through the forest we head towards the muddy Făget. The area is a Natura 2000 protected area, managed by the Natura Transylvania Association. We will see themed trails, information panels about geology, flora and fauna specific to the area. Following the CC100KK signs, which in some places go together with the educational trail or with the tourist markers, we reach the Park Forest area, property of the Cluj Napoca City Hall. (Through a recent project this area has been equipped with specific furniture, signs and information boards. Trails have been marked out for cycling, running and hiking).

Coming out of the forest we have the Feleacu plateau in front of us. The CC100KK trail continues south towards the Astronomical Observatory and crosses the 71 road that connects Casele Micești to the Feleacu commune. (There is the possibility to go directly to the suspended ball of an aerial observation post, located on the north side of the plateau, passing through the pasture delimited by an electric fence.)

The section of the trail has its eastern end at the entrance to the commune of Feleacu. Here is a parking lot at the intersection with several roads, some paved, entering the commune towards its centre.